Student Financial Aid

Endowed Scholarships: For a minimum of $1,000 a student aid scholarship can be endowed. Gifts and interest are returned to the corpus until the endowment reaches $10,000. At that time, two-thirds of the interest earned each year will be used to help students in financial need. The balance continues to grow the corpus.

Endowed scholarships are an excellent means of honoring someone special in your life or memorializing a loved one. See commemorative gifts for more information.

As higher educational costs continue to escalate, it is imperative that new scholarship endowments are established to meet the needs of our students who are preparing for ministry.  Some current fund needs are:

  • International Student Scholarship Funds
  • Hispanic Student Scholarship Funds
  • African-American Scholarship Funds
  • General Scholarship Funds
  • North Georgia Student Scholarships

For more information on how you can assist the Seminary in endowed scholarship funds, contact the Office for Institutional Advancement at 1-800-662-8701, ext. 3252 or e-mail us at the Office for Institutional Advancement. Call today!

Your gift to the Seminary makes it possible for students to complete their ministry training.