South Georgia Extension Center



Meets at: Central Baptist Church

             1120 Lake Joy Road

             Warner Robins, GA 31088

             478-953-9319 (Church)

             478-987-0005 (Director)



South GA Center offers:

  • Master of Divinity

  • Undergraduate (Leavell College) studies

  • Certificate Studies

Rev. Tim Millwood Director

Fall 2016

Aug. 19th                                 FINAL DAY of PAYMENT: Final day to register and pay tuition
Aug. 22nd                                 1st day of classes for Monday classes
Aug. 23rd                                 1st day of classes for Tuesday classes
Aug. 25th                                 1st day of classes for Thursday classes
Sept. 2nd                                 Drop/Add Deadline
Sept. 5th                                  Labor Day (no classes)
Sept. 15th                                Graduation Application Deadline for Fall Graduation
Oct. 17th – 21st                        Fall Break 
Nov. 21st – 25th                       Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 8th                                   Last day of classes/finals for Thursday classes
Dec. 12th                                 Last day of classes/finals for Monday classes
Dec. 13th                                 Last day of classes/finals for Tuesday classes 
Dec. 17th                                 Graduation

Spring 2017
Jan. 20th                                   FINAL DAY of PAYMENT: Final day to register and pay tuition
Jan. 23rd                                   1st day of classes for Monday classes
Jan. 24th                                   1st day of classes for Tuesday classes
Jan. 26th                                   1st day of classes for Thursday classes
Feb. 3rd                                    Drop/Add Deadline
Feb. 15th                                  Graduation Application Deadline for Spring Graduation
Feb. 28th                                  Mardi Gras Break (seminary closed)
Mar. 13th – 17th                       Spring Break
Apr. 14th                                  Good Friday (offices closed)
May 4th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Thursday classes
May 8th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Monday classes
May 9th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Tuesday classes
May 12th                                  Leavell College Graduation
May 13th                                  Graduate Program Graduation

Graduate program

Hybrid Classes meet 8 times : CIV classes meet on following Monday dates: 8/29, 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7,  11/28, 12/12. 

9:30-11:25 AM EST, OTHB5300-85, Intro. to Hebrew Grammar; CIV from NGA; 3 hrs. credit; Dr. James Sexton; Meets      Room 270. 

1:00-2:50 PM EST, THEO5300-85, Systematic Theology I; CIV from NGA; 3 hrs. credit; Dr. Peter Kendrick, Room 270.

3:00-4:50 PM EST, OTEN5300-85, Exploring the Old Testament; CIV from NGA; 3 hrs. credit; Dr. James Sexton, Room 270.

6:00-7:50 PM EST, CEEF6310-85, Teaching the Bible; CIV from NGA; 3 hrs. credit; Dr. David Judd, Room 270. 

Bi-Weekly Classes meet on: Mondays: (same dates as above: 8/29, 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, 11/28, 12/12).

11:30AM-12:55PM EST, DISC5170-85, Spiritual Formation 1, Dr. Owen Bozeman, 1 hr. credit, Class meets: Warner Robins;Room 287. 

Undergraduate/Leavell College Schedule:Classes meet weekly on Mondays.

8:45-11:30 AM EST; THCM2300-85; Christian Doctrine; 3 hrs. credit; Dr. Owen Bozeman. Class meets in Warner Robins:Room 287.

12:55-3:40 PM EST; PMCM3330-85; Worship Perspectives; 3 hrs. credit; Dr. Ronald Foster. Class meets in Warner Robins:Room 286.

3:45-4:30 PM EST; CMCM1110-85; Personal Spiritual Disciplines; 1 hr. credit; Rev. Tim Millwood. Class meets in Warner Robins: Room 286.


English Schedule: Instructor: Tim Millwood

 Intro. to New Testament Study: Life of Christ; BIUS1151. Begins Monday,  August 22 & concludes October 17. Meets weekly on Mondays 7:00-9:00 PM.

 Intro. to New Testament Study: Early Church; BIUS1153. Begins Monday, October 24 & concludes December 12. Meets weekly on Mondays 7:00-9:00 PM.

Spanish Schedule: Instructors Dr. Victor Lyons; Mrs. Lucinda Lyons.

Discipling Church Members:PMUS1159. Begins Monday, August 22 & concludes October 17. Meets weekly on Mondays   7:00-9:00 PM. (V. Lyons-Spanish Track)

New Testament Bible Course: Revelation:BIUS1180. Begins Monday, August 22 & concludes October 17. Meets weekly.  Mondays, 7-9 PM. (Mrs. L. Lyons-Biblical Teaching Certificate in Spanish).

Evangelism:PMUS1110. Begins Monday, October 24 & concludes December 12. Meets weekly on Mondays 7:00-9:00 PM.  (Dr. V. Lyons-Spanish Track)

Intro. to NT Study: Life of Christ: BIUS1151. Begins October 24 & concludes December 12. Meets weekly on Mondays 7:00-9:00 PM. (Mrs. L. Lyons-Biblical teaching Certificate in Spanish).



Schedules for Spring 2017

South Georgia Graduate Schedule Spring 2017

South Georgia Leavell College schedule Spring 2017

Schedules for Fall 2016-2017

South Georgia Graduate Schedule Fall 2016

Graduate Online Schedule Fall 2016

South Georgia Leavell College Schedule Fall 2016

Leavell College Online Schedule Fall 2016

 Fall 2016

SGA Graduate course syllabi fall 2016

SGA Leavell College course Syllabis Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Graduate course syllabi for Spring 2016

Leavell College Syllabi for Spring 2016

Syllabi for Fall 2016

Graduate Course Syllabis for Fall 2016

Leavell College Course Syllabi for Fall 2016

Classes at the South Georgia Center meet on Mondays. Students may obtain a

Master of Divinity degree. Undergraduate degree, or Certificate.
To request a catalog and an application, please contact the Enlistment Office at  or Click on the following link to request a catalog and an application online:

NOBTS Student Services

Student Services

This is a partial list of NOBTS student services available to all students, no matter your delivery system or location. 

If you have questions or do not see what you need here, please refer to,

email us at, or call the Dean of Students office at 800-662-8701, ext. 3283. We are glad to assist you!




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Advising – Graduate Program

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Financial Aid

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For additional library resources in your state, check

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Technical Support

Need   technical  assistance? Contact the ITC today! - Email for   technical  questions/support  requests with the site (Access to online registration, financial account, online transcript, etc.)   - Email for technical questions/support requests with the NOBTS Blackboard Learning Management System .  - Email for general  technical questions/support requests.
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QEP( Quality Enhancement Plan)-Improve English Writing at the Graduate Level

NOBTS plans to improve English writing at the graduate level by creating a writing center and by training faculty and teaching assistants to improve feedback on student writing.  

Please visit The Writing Center: 


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