Pray for Our Missionaries

Luke 10:2

Missions Commissioning Service—Thursday, May 5, 2016

Please pray for the NOBTS students, graduates, and faculty on the following list from May 2015-August 2016:

How to pray for missionaries

Long Term Service

(1 year or longer)

International Mission Board Apprentice/Career, ISC, Masters, and JourneymanIMB

* A total of 11 personnel have been appointed to mission service since May 2015. Because of security reasons those names cannot be released. They are serving among the following peoples:

Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
Southeast Asian Peoples
Central Asian Peoples
American Peoples
South Asian Peoples
Sub-Saharan African Peoples

Other NOBTS students are in the application process with the IMB. Please pray for them as they complete this process and seek God's will for their future missionary service.

North American Mission Board


Brian and Marci Coble - Chicago, IL

SEND New Orleans Church Planters and Interns

Taylor Harrison - SEND New Orleans
Dallas Guidry - SEND New Orleans
Lindsay Venters - Level Ground
Travis Milner - Level Ground
Trenton Fleener - West Bank Baptist
Travis Johnson - Canal Street Mosaic
Irvin Wasswa - Gentilly Baptist
Cody Killian - First Baptist Kenner

Mid-Length Service

(3-12 months)

International Mission Board
Beginning Fall 2016

Three students will be participating in the International Mission Board's Fusion and HandsOn programs. Due to security reasons, their names cannot be released.

Camp Staff

Evan Anderson - MissionLab
Sarah Barnett - MissionLabMissionLab
Peter Harbin - MissionLab
Josh Holland - MissionLab
Bob Jackson - MissionLab
Linda Jackson - MissionLab
Gracie Robinson - MissionLab
Irvin Wasswa - MissionLab
Ryan Watts - MissionLab

Ryan Cork - Camp NOLA Kidz
Christian Anderson - Camp NOLA Kidz
DeAron Washington - Camp NOLA Kidz
Elizabeth Baker - Camp NOLA Kidz

Dr. Sandra Vandercook - Camp Garaywa, Mississippi
Kaitlyn Horton - Eagles' Wings Youth Ranch, New Mexico
Jonathan Turner - FUGE Camps, Mississippi
Jade Turner - FUGE Camps, Mississippi
Emily Sloane - FUGE Camps, Virginia
Courtney Cox - FUGE Camps, Kentucky
Cody Robertson - FUGE Camps, South Carolina
Joseph Fowler - FUGE Camps, Tennessee
Andrew Orr - Tall Timbers, Louisiana
Jessica Albritton - Baptist Convention Camps, Georgia

Short-term Service

(1 week - 2 months)

Bert Duverna - Haiti
Dr. Jake Roudkovski - Belarus
Dr. Bill Warren - Mexico
Matt Jarrell - Haiti
Tony Bayles - Haiti
Emily Martin - Kenya
Chance Humphreys - Kenya
Dillon Guillot - Toronto, Canada
Marissa Elias - Oaxaca, Mexico
John Coey - El Salvador
Sylvia Smith - Jamaica and South Africa
Kevin Billiot - Mozambique
Megan Gorum - Spokane, Washington
Preserve Chery - Haiti
Fertil Dieujuste - Haiti
Lucina Lyons - Ecuador
Justin Baird - Nicaragua
Shelby Baird - Nicaragua
Ashlyn Wilson - Nicaragua
David Mitchell - Croatia and Hungary
Justin Morgan - Lesotho
Katie Morgan - Lesotho
Amy Mullins - Zambia

Due to security reasons, other students and faculty cannot be listed. Please pray for them as they serve in:
South Asia
Southeast Asia
East Asia
Middle East

SBC Crossover - St. Louis
June 6-10

Dr. Preston Nix
Dr. Bo Rice
Michael Pogue
Rebekah Nix
Sarah Clanton
Allison Cook
Sarah Cowan
Daniel DeJong
Joseph Horan
Seung Lee
Annette Mershimer
Danielle Ojeabulu
Adam Pace
Kyle Sparks
Mark Winfield
Jennifer Womack
Erick Pope

Keelynn Hutchison
Heather DeJong

Pray for those doing ministry with
Advance International

Advance International is a missions mobilizing ministry that provides accessible, accredited, theological education to international church leaders through a partnership with the Leavell College and the International Mission Board. We offer the Pastoral Ministries Certificate from NOBTS, comprised of eight classes, which provides a basic theological foundation.
The teachers are pastors, missionaries, and seminary professors from the United States and other countries who equip and encourage pastors and church workers through short-term teaching assignments.
There are schools in the Caribbean, Indonesia, and East Asia with potential new schools in various countries including India, Chile, and Peru.