Graduate Course Schedules

2016-2017 Graduate Schedules

Fall 2016 classes will begin on Monday, August 22, 2016. The graduate schedule offers a variety of options for weekday, evening, Saturday, and online courses. Course formats include (1) classroom courses that occur on campus as once-a-week courses on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, as well as Tuesday/Thursday classes; (2) hybrid courses that meet on campus four times during the semester; (3) workshops that meet on campus three days during the semester break weeks; (4) weeklong workshop courses; (5) new Blackboard-assisted fall mentoring courses; and (5) 8-week Term and 16-week Semester Internet courses that can be accessible from anywhere.

The master's 2016-2017 course schedule may be accessed through the following six components:

Fall 2016 Courses

Spring 2017 Courses

Summer 2017 Courses

Also note that courses listed in the 2016-2017 course schedule are color coded to assist in reading and locating courses by graduate divisions:

  • Biblical Studies—red
  • Christian Education—blue
  • Church & Community Ministries—brown
  • Church Music—mauve
  • Pastoral Ministries—green
  • Theological & Historical Studies—purple/dark blue


Syllabi with textbook information are available online. To view a syllabus, click the course title in the course schedule.

LifeWay Christian Stores:

  • A 20% student discount on most texts will be offered to students
  • To order your books for all NOBTS courses, please call LifeWay Christian Stores at 1-800-570-0250.
  • When calling to order your textbooks, please identify yourself as an NOBTS student so you can receive the student discount.