Interlibrary Loan


InterLibrary Loan is for NOBTS students and faculty, whether at the main campus or any of the extension centers.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) / Document Delivery

  1. If NOBTS libraries do not have materials you need, you may request to borrow these materials from other libraries through the ILL office
  2. Send an e-mail to with your request -- be sure to include:
    1. author
    2. title (of book or journal)
    3. title of article (if requesting article from a journal or essay/chapter from a book)
    4. publication data (city, publisher, date)
    5. volume, issue, and page numbers (if requesting article/essay)
    6. how much you are willing to pay (about the $2.00 base fee) for the item should a lender charge a fee
  3. Let us know your name and student ID number (so we can verify) and where to send materials (physical address and/or e-mail (for articles/essays -- to be sent in PDF)
  4. Please note that sometimes we are not able to obtain materials.
  5. There is a $2.00 fee billed to your account for each filled request and any fees lending libraries may charge (generally, we use partners who do not charge extra, so it is rare that extra fees are added)
  6. Please note that it can take as long as 2 weeks or more to obtain materials and the time you have to use them may be limited to a week or two.  Do not wait to request items at the last minute.
  7. If obtaining materials through the ILL office of the main campus is too long, you may try interlibrary loan services of a local public library or asking at a local seminary/college library.


  1. CALL/LALINC is a Louisiana state-wide consortium of academic libraries which allows graduate students to have checkout privileges at any graduate library in the state.  Please see main library for details on getting a card.
  2. GALILEO is a similar arrangement for our graduate students in Georgia.  Please see Mrs. Helen Shin at the N.Ga. hub for details on getting a card.