The REC program schedule

Weekly Activities
The REC hosts many different types of organized activities throughout the year for people of all ages.
Some activities include:




Cross-training type workouts with family and friends. This program is a charged program and taught by a certified personal trainer. It is semester based and as follows: Individual $30, family $40. GetFit is offered three times during the week! After the first week, the rates are prorated to the number of weeks we have left. If you do not like it after the end of your second week, we will give you a full refund! Wes and DeAron work with every member individually to make sure you are getting the most out of the workouts at your exercise experience level. You cannot beat one-on-one experiences while learning new workouts! No excuses to miss this class! Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-7 am and 6-7 pm. If you have any questions, email

Baby REC 


Once a week parent’s can bring their infants to The REC for exercise, games, fellowship, and more! For infants of all ages! Baby REC classes are as follows: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-am-noon. 

Monday Night Volleyball


Every Monday night, The REC offers pick up volleyball in the gym from 8-10 pm. Don't let your studies block your ability to have fun! It is a blast and you wont regret taking a study break to indulge in this fun!


Pray and Play Basketball


Every Tuesday and Thursday night at The REC, we host pick up basketball from 8-10 pm. Come out and relieve some stress from the semester and meet new friends in the process. Also have a chance to come together

to pray as brother and sisters in Christ and play ball at the same time, perfect! 

Indoor Soccer


Every Friday night at The REC, we host pick up Indoor Soccer from 7-10 pm. Come out and relieve some stress from the semester and meet new friends in the process. Also have a chance to come together and play with students from all over the world! We JUST added a competitve Adult ONLY Indoor Soccer pickup game from 7-8 pm and a kids only game at 8 pm, with open Indoor Soccer from 815-10pm!

NOBTS Running Club 


Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7 pm, runners old and new are invited to join The REC as we create a fun and supporting community for runners on the NOBTS campus! Email for more info!

Ladies Power Hour



Every Monday and Thursday night, ladies only workout time in the weight room from 530-630 pm. This program is the only programs that shuts the weight room down during use. Monday and Thursday night workouts from 530-630 pm.

Ultimate Frisbee 

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee every week! This amazing game that has stood the test of time will be offered every Thursday at 7 pm at Sunshine Park. Email Matt Jarrell for more information at

Self Defense


Self Defense is offered every Saturday from 11 am-12 pm and every Monday from 5-6 pm. Black belt Jennings Riley is offering Isshogai Ryu self defense classes. The classes are for adults and kids 8 years old and up. The classes are $30 a month for the NOBTS family. Each additional member of immediate family receives a $10 discount. There are several fees associated with this class. One-time Registration Fee $75, Testing Fee for Colored Belts $25, and Sparring Gear is $85. For more information contact Jennings at .

The CHESS homeschool group


The REC staff works with the CHESS homeschool group every week with PE. The schedule is as follows:

1030-11 am (3/4 yr old)
1110-1145 am (K Grade)
1-150 pm (1/2 Grade)
2-250 pm (3-5 Grade)
3-350 pm (6-12 Grade
1-150 pm (1/2 Grade)
2-250 pm (3-5 Grade)
3-350 pm (6-12 Grade)