Course Descriptions

Course Number

Course Name/Description

WMMW 0115

Christian Homemaking

This course will discuss homemaking in light of Biblical teachings to better understand God's desire for His children to invest in their homes. Specific instructions for home management and helpful resources will be presented.

WMMW 1110

The Minister's Wife*

This course will discuss the calling and equipping of wives married to ministers. Special attention will be given to Biblical instruction, personal insights, and practical application for women in this role.

WMMW 1113

Women's Work in the Local Church

This course is designed to identify the needs and gifts of women today in order to build a more effective women's ministry in the local church.

WMMW 1116

Public Speaking for the Minister's Wife

This course is designed to provide information, observation, and application about public speaking skills for women who will benefit from effective communication in life and ministry.

WMMW 1137

Biblical Womanhood*

This course is designed to provide an amplified and comprehensive study of Biblical womanhood. Biblical principles will be applied to life relationships in the home, church, and world.

WMMW 1138

What Baptists Believe*

This course is designed to provide instruction and make application of the basic Baptist doctrines. The content of the course will establish a solid Biblical foundation for wives in ministry with their husbands. 

WMMW 1139

Personal Evangelism

This course is designed to discuss the nature of evangelism and lifestyle witnessing in order to equip and empower women as personal witnesses.

WMMW 1140

Mentoring for the Minister's Wife

This course will equip the minister's wife for ministry through mentoring and personal growth through being mentored.