Associates Degree in Women's Ministry


To equip women for ministry to other women. The degree consists of 21 semester hours of Life Skill courses, a 25-semester-hour Christian ministry core, 18 hours of Women’s Ministry courses, and 6 hours of free electives. A student with this associate degree can pursue a Bachelors of Arts in Christian Ministry degree and utilize the Women’s Ministry concentration as a minor.

Vocational Calling

To be women’s ministry leaders, Bible study teachers, and thoughtful Christian women who desire to serve in the Kingdom.

Degree Requirements

Life Skills Core (21 hours)
English Composition 3 hours
General Math 3 hours
Introduction to Computers 3 hours
Marriage and Family Issues 3 hours
Oral Communication 3 hours
World History 3 hours
Life Skills Elective 3 hours

Christian Ministry Core

(25 hours)
Teaching Methods 3 hours
Christian Doctrine 3 hours
The Practice of Evangelism 3 hours
Hermeneutics 3 hours
Introduction to Christian Education 3 hours
Introduction to Ministry 3 hours
New Testament Survey 3 hours
Old Testament Survey 3 hours
Personal Spiritual Disciplines

1 hour

Women's Ministry Core

(18 hours)
Women's Ministry Project 2 hours
Women's Work in the Local Church 2 hours

Choose 14 elective hours from the following:

(all courses are one hour unless otherwise noted)

A Survey of Feminist Theology  
Biblical Womanhood 1 or 3 hours
Bible Study for Women  
Contemporary Models for Women's Ministry  
Expanding Your Women's Ministry through Writing  
Girls' Enrichment Ministry  
Lay Counseling for Women  
Leadership Training for Women  
Lifestyle Witnessing for Women  
Ministry with Grievers  
Missions for Women  
Multicultural Women's Ministry  
Planning Special Events for Women  
Public Speaking for Women 2 hours
Recreational Programs for Women  
Relationship Skills for Women  
Spiritual Gifts of Women  
Supervised Reading in Women's Ministry  
Support Groups for Women  
Teaching Basic Baptist Beliefs for Women  
Women and Church Growth  
Women Mentoring Women  
Women's Ministry Field Training  
Women's Ministry Programs  
Women's Ministry to Mothers  
Free Electives (9 hours) 
 TOTAL: (70 hours)